The Edwin L. Rogers Family
Ladies Home Journal, February 1959
Complimentary photo album, with article
Ladies' Home Journal, February 1959 cover
Weekend Wife, Weekday Widow
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Friday evening homecoming!
Mom rises early!
Betty and Kirk winter in Winchester, VA.
Ted and Kim bundled-up to play in the snow!
Kim's morning.
Mom gets a break with her Bible and a rocking chair.
Mom and Kirk, the bird mobile was every child's favorite.
Mom as climbing jungle-gym.
Betty (Mom) and Kim
Mom gets all the attention
Wakeup and fly, a favorite wakeup activity.
Story time
Now I lay me down to sleep...
...I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
Dad hid M&M's in his suitcase for us to find us when he came home.
What, no M&M's?
Dad changing Kirk Lisabeth Welman Rogers, we called her Cissy!
Dad, Kim and Kirk
Mom hangs laundry in the basement in winter...
Dad chops fire wood and makes Mom laugh.
Kirk took her first steps during this time...
...there she goes!
Now she's a pro, with a little help.
Ed and Ted shaving.
Family photo (Ted's favorite stripped pj's).
Our street in winter!
Dad's down for the count!
Getting ready for bed.
Betty can't wait for Ted to get bigger!
Dad showing off the latest (Fruit of the Loom) to the neighbors.
All together now.
Mom tends to baby Kirk.
Mom tends to baby Kirk, Kim and Ted help.
Monday morning goodbye kisses.
Family photo (Ted's favorite stripped pj's).